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Plastic welding rods available from Techspan

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A full range of plastic welding rods are now available from Techspan Australia.

Manufactured from high quality virgin thermoplastic resins, Techspan plastic welding rods are specially selected for weldability and compatibility of a wide range of plastics.

UV stabilisers are used where applicable. No reprocessed materials are used.

Techspan supplies a large range of welding rod shapes and profiles to meet many requirements. A full range of standard colours are also available.

Techspan supplies a comprehensive range of thermo plastic welding rods in the following materials : ABS - ABS//PC - ABS//PC/A - ABS/PBT - AES - ASA - HDPE - HMWPE - LDPE - MDPE -PA - PA/PPE - PC - PC/PBT - PC/PET - POM - PP - PP/EPDM - PPE - PPE/PA - PPO - PUR - PVC - PS - TPR – UHMWPE.

Techspan also supplies soft PVC rods for vinyl floor welding and for extrusion welding tools and also offers larger coils for long run welding applications.

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