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Onboard Filtroil oil filtration system from Techspan

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Onboard Filtroil oil filtration system, sometimes referred to as slip-stream filtration, is the preferred oil maintenance system by all major North American injection machine manufacturers.

The Filtroil system is available in Australia and New Zealand from Techspan.

The Filtroil Concept

Due to various pressures, circulation volume, and capacity limitations of any hydraulic system, full flow filters are limited by their ability to remove small particles, while still maintaining proper circulation and pressure.

However, Filtroil filtration, used in conjunction with full flow filters, can adapt to nearly any environment and are, able to remove extremely small sub-micron particles (down to 0.1 microns).

The combination of the Filtroil system, with Filtroil's unique special flow control valve, allows a specific oil flow rate from the high pressure line of the hydraulic system into the compact aluminium housing of the carefully designed and manufactured element.

Here the oil is cleaned slowly through high quality depth filtration, removing both extremely fine particulates and small quantities of water. The clean oil is then returned to the oil tank without loss of system pressure.

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