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New wedge welders available from Techspan

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Techspan  wedge welders will overlap-weld geomembrane liners efficiently and reliably at high speeds, up to 5m/minute.

The wedge welders are designed to weld a wide range of geomembranes including LDPE, HDPE, PE-C, PP, PVC-P, ECB, EVA and TPO.

The wedge welders also incorporate a number of innovative features including a unique ceramic wedge, which enables welding of different materials without changing the wedge.

Integrated electronic temperature and speed controls are standard. A compact version has been designed for applications where small size and lightweight are especially important, e.g. overhead welding geomembranes in tunnels. This compact version wedge welder is small and light.

Techspan’s new range also includes hand-held and automatic hot air welders and extruder welders.

The new heavy duty welders have been designed for optimal performance and reliability under intense working conditions.

Techspan new welders are loaded with innovative features including advanced plug-in ceramic heating element technology, high performance materials and a host of innovative design features.

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