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Hot air tools and blowers available from Techspan

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From Plastics repairer to fabricator, and a wide range of industrial applications. Leister hot air tools are built for professionals, by professionals.

Hot air can be used successfully in a wide variety of processes and techniques. Depending on the temperature and air volume required, the appropriate Leister hot air blowers or hot air tools with suitable blowers can be used.

High technology plug-in ceramic heating elements and compact electronic temperature controls, provide a accurate and reliable hot air system.

By the use of various nozzles and reflectors, the hot air stream can be concentrated, spread, or even sharply reduced without any significant loss of temperature.

The temperature of the hot air can be infinitely controlled from 20 deg C to a maximum of 900 deg C, depending on the Leister model.

For special applications, a variety of external open and closed loop control devices are available.

The hot air tools and blowers make little noise. The hot air tools and blowers are ideal for industrial use and can be built into existing machinery and equipment.

A wide range of standard wide-slot nozzles, tubular nozzles, reflectors, accessories, and air hoses are available.

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