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Dyna-Purge purging compounds from Techspan Group

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Techspan Group  provide a compound for purging of plastics processing equipment. Dyna-Purge compounds are designed for injection moulding machines, film, profile and sheet extruders, and blow moulding machines. Dyna-Purge compounds do not require mixing or blending, and are used at the normal machine operating temperature and screw speed.

Dyna-Purge compounds do not require machine adjustments. As only a small amount is required, it is cost-effective. Dyna-Purge compounds are stable and effective throughout a wide temperature range. As Dyna-Purge compounds are non-abrasive and non-melting, they soften slightly and thoroughly loosen carbonised and degraded resins, allowing the carrier matrix to flush out of the system.

These features make Dyna-Purge compounds suitable for colour changeovers, resin changes and preventative machine maintenance. Dyna-Purge compounds can also be used during start up and shut down of processing machinery.

Dyna-Purge compounds keep the screw and barrel clear and clean and improve the efficiency of the plasticising process by keeping the screw and barrel in an optimum state of cleanliness. Dyna-Purge compounds are available in seven grades to suit all machinery and material processing applications including difficult to clean hot runner and manifold systems, and screen packs.

Dyna-Purge compounds are non-toxic, do not contain chemicals or other harmful additives used in other purging compounds and have an unlimited shelf-life. Laboratory tests have shown that the Dyna-Purge purging compound is effective and economical.

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