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Using mobile devices to record job safety analysis

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The increasing popularity of mobile phones and tablets has seen a corresponding rise in demand for JSA software, one of the few applications focussed on business needs.

The demand for JSA software running on tablets and phones has increased due to the low cost and availability of mobile devices. Since most field workers already carry phones, using their devices for completing JSAs in the field does not require additional expenditure.

When properly implemented, a JSA App simplifies the process of collecting data in the field. Key requirements include:

Ease of use

The JSA App must be easy to use in the field, enabling field workers to rapidly ‘master’ the application, learn how to navigate to their desired screen/function, and adopt the App as an ‘extension’ of their business tools/gadgets. 

Offline mode

Employees in the field must be able to use the App in an offline mode, reducing the need for continuous connectivity. The JSA App will therefore replace paper forms with a significantly better tool at reduced costs. The user can send and receive all the required information and pictures wirelessly at any time. In an offline mode, the users can record all required information directly onto their devices, especially in remote locations or in areas without connectivity, eliminating dependency on connectivity. The user controls when and how the data is sent back to the office. 


Employees must be able to take photos and integrate the image with the JSA results to identify the hazard or non-compliance. In addition, wireless transmission of pictures must be done efficiently and securely without exposing the office server to security breaches. 

Simplified data collection

Data collection must be simplified by standardising functions and drop-down lists, which would allow the employee to select values quickly and therefore minimise data entry. 

Voice recording 

The JSA application should also allow for voice recording of findings and recommendations to save time while entering data in the field. 


Employee completing the JSA must be able to sign off on the work. 

The Desktop/ Database/ Server and the JSA application 

JSA applications should not be standalone to maximise utilisation and ROI. The JSA App should be designed to collect information, display and manipulate information, and transfer information to and from a desktop database and back to the mobile device seamlessly. The desktop/server application should provide a variety of operational and management functions including scheduling, tracking, real time notifications, management functions, reports, and analysis tools.

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