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The 4 essentials of CMMS systems

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According to leading software solutions provider, Techs4Biz Australia , a business can be assured of a reliable CMMS system by simply looking for four essential features in the suite.

With the availability of several different computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS) in the market, each with their own strengths and pitfalls, businesses seeking to implement a CMMS suite will find it difficult to ensure the selection of the right solution.

This article examines the four essential features in a successful CMMS system.

Scheduling Jobs

CMMS systems should be able to schedule jobs for assets requiring maintenance at particular time intervals. Once the maintenance and service dates are entered into a CMMS system, an alert will be created to remind those in charge of the task to complete them on time. Scheduled maintenance jobs can be forgotten in the absence of a CMMS system, which can then prove costly if the asset subsequently breaks down.

Assigning Personnel

Each member of the organisation plays a different role in carrying out the maintenance of assets. A good CMMS system will allow maintenance tasks to be assigned to specific individuals, who will then be prompted when they are required to perform a maintenance task. If a task is not completed at the correct time by the assigned staff member, the management will be alerted and can follow up with the employee in question.

Recording Costs

A good CMMS system will also keep track of all the maintenance costs associated with a particular asset. This information can be extremely useful to management when identifying assets using up an unnecessarily large amount of resources so that such assets can be written off or sold.

Corrective Action

CMMS solutions should be able to schedule corrective action on an item. Corrective action tasks may often be neglected and ‘slip through the cracks’, causing unnecessary downtime at a high cost to the organisation.

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