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Pervidi mine safety inspection software from Techs4Biz helps prevent mining accidents

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Pervidi mine safety inspection software from Techs4Biz Australia is a leading software solution for the mining industry.  

Designed to prevent mining accidents through standardised electronic safety inspections of mines, Pervidi mine safety inspection software can be delivered as a turnkey solution or customised to specific business processes and needs.  

Recent mining accidents serve as reminders of the importance of effective safety measures and periodic safety inspections.  

By standardising safety inspections and automating the process using mobile technology and software as essential tools, safety managers and superintendents can minimise risks and possibly prevent accidents.  

Current practices including paper-based safety inspection systems, scheduled inspections and Corrective Actions have their own shortcomings. When accidents occur, checking that proper safety inspections were indeed conducted may be difficult and very time consuming.  

Mine safety inspection software and mobile technology replace the antiquated paper-based safety inspection procedures.  

Repeated safety inspections can be scheduled and once completed, inspection information is securely stored in a database, allowing for easy access in the event of an accident. If inspectors overlook an inspection item, the software alerts them to their omission to prevent human error.  

Mine safety software can be customised to suit a variety of safety inspection procedures as well as the particular processes of each mine site. When a safety inspection is due to be conducted, inspectors receive all the relevant inspection information wirelessly onto their mobile device.  

Certain mobile devices will also allow inspectors to take photographs relating to their safety inspections as well as record and attach audio notes to their inspection reports.  

In addition to managing safety inspections, the Pervidi mine safety inspection software from Techs4Biz includes a built-in Corrective Action mechanism that manages and tracks deficiencies until they are addressed and resolved.  

The Pervidi line of products was established by technology innovator Techs4Biz as complete solutions for facility, resource, and service and operations management and has been used extensively in the mining industry for mine safety inspection management.

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