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Paperless pre-start checks for heavy vehicles using mobile devices

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Techs4Biz Australia  announces a new mobile device-based field inspection software designed to automate pre-start checks for heavy vehicles.

By providing information that already exists on paper forms, the mobile device automates pre-start checks for vehicles and replaces paper records.

Mobile device applications specifically designed for pre-start checks should deliver functionalities such as:

  • List all information required by the operator to perform their tasks
  • Allow the inspector/operator to enter as much information as needed
  • Allow the inspector to take photos of deficiencies and edit/annotate the photo on the device
  • Ability to record audio notes (speech to text)
  • Enable the operator to record recommendations using drop down lists and pre-set text
The paperless pre start application on mobile devices can include validations that allow or disallow data entry as well as provide the user with historical information pertaining to previous pre-start checks. The application is designed to minimise the amount of data entry and keystrokes required by the inspector/operator through techniques such as pick lists, check boxes, look-up lists, use of camera or voice recorder, and automatically generated results.

All keystrokes on the mobile device pre start application can have a date and time stamp for audit trail purposes.

Key benefits of paperless pre start application:

  • Eliminates paperwork from the pre start process
  • Minimises possibility of human error
  • No double entry of data
  • Standardises activities
  • No need for labour-intensive filing procedures
  • Comprehensive audit trail for each item of the pre start check
  • Simplifies scheduling and completion of corrective action
  • Comprehensive inspection reports can be created in real time
  • Improves efficiencies of the operator
  • Simplifies repeatable tasks and provides staff with easy solution
  • Vast amount of information available on the device to assist the inspector/operator
  • Pre-defined text and pick lists available to make common tasks more efficient
The paperless pre start application is available from Pervidi, represented in Australia by Techs4Biz Australia.

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