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PDAs work well with CMMS software

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PDAs are commonly used with computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS) due to their portability. Weighing less than laptops, PDAs are also more rugged than tablet computers and also incorporate several features that work well in combination with CMMS software.

These features include camera, audio recorder, barcode scanner and GPS.


Most PDAs feature a camera as standard with the cameras capable of taking good quality photographs, which can be annotated and then added to the history of an asset or item. The camera also integrates easily with CMMS software solutions.

Audio Recorder

Handy for situations when field workers run into trouble entering information into the PDA, the audio recorder allows recording of data, which can then be entered at a later time or included in the asset or item history. This feature is especially useful while working in tight spaces.

Barcode Scanner

Particularly useful to firms with a large amount of assets, the barcode scanner feature allows field workers to accurately identify the correct item by scanning its barcode and bringing up its history and previous maintenance work.


GPS can help to find the locations of assets or inventory with pinpoint precision, and is especially useful if the business operates on large premises or operates at several different locations.

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