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Enhancing operational efficiencies with handheld devices

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Periods of economic downturn are a time for reflection and reassessment for most companies. Business focus needs to be shifted to accomplishing core activities with smaller budgets while reducing inefficiencies in the business environment.

How can a business provide more services per staff member and reduce administrative costs, while at the same time providing quality work and delivering excellent customer service? 

Techs4Biz Australia see handheld devices (PDAs) as part of the answer.

The use of handheld devices in the context of a mobile workforce, field technicians, maintenance staff and inspectors, is most often driven by seven common business motivations: 

  1. Improving decision making. 
  2. Reducing time consuming and error prone data entry activities in the office. 
  3. Handheld devices can help increase productivity: more tasks and service calls per staff member. 
  4. Handheld devices can be used to increase efficiencies in communicating information between the office and the mobile workforce. 
  5. Efficiencies in planning and scheduling work based upon priorities, location, or expertise can also be increased by using handheld devices. 
  6. Reducing risks of safety hazards and Job Safety Analysis on the job. 
  7. Improving management visibility for work done in the field to ensure high quality services. 
These considerations are particularly important during economic downturns. In growth periods inefficiencies are sometimes overlooked in the rush to keep up with the market and growth. But, when the economy slows down, it’s a good time to re-evaluate business processes and to try to eliminate inefficiencies and bad business practices.

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