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Computerised maintenance management systems or CMMS software suites are available from a wide range of vendors in different configurations.

While some CMMS software suites are available ‘out-of-the-box’, other solutions can be customised to the unique systems and procedures used by the buyer previously for maintenance management. However, all CMMS suites should ideally offer key functionalities such as Detailed Asset Register, Preventative Maintenance Tools, Work Order Tracking, Reporting and Cost Analysis.

Detailed Asset Register

The CMMS software should be able to store detailed information about each and every item or asset that requires maintenance. The solution should also offer customisability to be able to record atypical information for certain items.

Preventative Maintenance Tools

In addition to tracking maintenance work, a CMMS software suite should allow scheduling of preventative maintenance work. Alerts can be created for the manager to take appropriate action in a timely manner when an item or asset is due to be serviced.

Work Order Tracking

The user should be able to track each work order so that the estimated completion time and the cause of any delays can be easily determined. Checking up on the progress of work orders can help managers with planning and efficient use of all company resources.


A comprehensive reporting functionality must be an integral part of all CMMS software suites. Easy and quick report creation will ensure that decision-makers are presented with up-to-date and accurate information at all times. The user should be able to create personalised custom reports in addition to pre-formatted templates.

Cost Analysis

The ability to analyse costs associated with maintenance is critical to maintenance managers. 

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