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Automation of Pre-start checks for Forklifts and Cranes using vehicle-mounted computers

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article image Automation of Pre-start checks for Forklifts and Cranes using vehicle-mounted computers
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Over the past few years automation has proven to be an important tool in the management of safety inspections as it enables the effective identification and management of OH&S risks.

Specifically related to the use of forklifts and cranes, the use of vehicle-mounted computers has dramatically increased and they are now used to improve staff productivity. Using the same vehicle-mounted computers to record pre-start checks and safety inspections is a natural progression that can dramatically improve OHS processes and reduce risks. Vehicle-mounted computers should provide information that already exists on paper forms or on the office computer desktop and at the same time improve one’s ability to access and utilise the data. For example, if a user fills out a pre-start check providing specific information, the vehicle-mounted computer device should fulfil the same function. However, immediate benefits include the ability of management to monitor these inspections and results, and act accordingly in a timely manner.

Using a vehicle-mounted computer, a user can pick from a list of possible choices and/or write or type in information, according to the organisation’s requirements and preferences. Vehicle mounted computers make current, existing, and future information more accessible and easy to use.

Vehicles-mounted computer applications specifically designed for pre-start checks and a variety of other safety inspections should deliver the following functionalities: 

  • List all information required by the operator to perform their tasks, including questions, activities, instructions, etc. 
  • Provide easy to use navigation and quick access to information. 
  • Allow the operator to enter as much information as needed. 
  • Enable the operator to record recommendations.
Vehicle-mounted computer applications should also be designed to minimise the amount of data entry and keystrokes required by incorporating a variety of techniques, ranging from pick lists, check boxes, look-up lists and automatically generated results and shortcuts. Minimising the amount of data entry that the end user has to perform is recommended to improve speed, accuracy, efficiency, ease of use and cost.

Benefits of combining pre-start checks with existing vehicle-mounted computers

Using vehicle-mounted computers in conjunction with management software will automatically transfer data from the vehicle-mounted computers to your database without the need for further data entry or data reformulation. 

  • Improve operational efficiencies. 
  • Minimise unnecessary administrative tasks and data entry. 
  • Increase productivity, safety and profitability. 
  • Enable effective completion of tasks. 
  • Simplify repeatable tasks and provide staff with easy to use tools that focus on performing tasks. 
  • Incorporate mechanisms to focus on exceptions and ensure proper execution of tasks, including automatic listing of activities, reminders, alerts, escalation procedures, and easy access to information. 
  • Ensure that inspections are performed according to warranties, guidelines and regulations. 
  • Improve controls and accountability leading to a higher quality

Techs4Biz Australia  develops and provides technology solutions for improving work-related activities andprocesses, combining software with vehicle mount computers.

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