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Techo Instruments  specialises in providing electronic instruments. Techo Instruments has been involved in the supply of electronic instruments since 1990. Electronic instruments supplied to the automotive industry include electronic control units, crank angle sensors, transmission control units, climate control units, EFI parts as well as injector cleaners. Injector cleaners offered by Techo Instruments include cleaning systems specifically designed for automotive, industrial, commercial as well as medical applications.

Techo Instruments provides professional audio equipment. Various audio equipment from Techo Instruments includes gears, valves, speakers, bins, microphones and accessories. Electronic instruments supplied to the mining industry include control units, joysticks, black boxes and spike chokes. Spike chokes have been specifically designed for mining equipment as well as heavy machinery. Spike chokes function by stopping electrical spikes as well as surges from destroying electronic equipment.

Automotive diagnostic equipment provided by Techo Instruments include engine analysers, wheel aligners, auto gas analysers, wheel balancing, engine test equipment, EFI equipment and ultrasonics. EHT power supply has been specifically designed for engine analysers. Different brands of professional audio equipment serviced by Techo Instruments include Peavey, Audio Telex, Roland, Yamaha and Marshall.

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