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Technofast releases CamNut bolt fixing device

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The drive for an elegant solution has resulted in Technofast ’s new product release, the CamNut, which has been launched for industrial applications, where the existing bolt is not long enough to provide the grip length normally required to use a hydraulic tensioning system.

According to Technofast, hydraulic tensioning is often the preferred method of securing bolts, because of its ease and speed of operation, combined with bolt load accuracy.

However, there are many situations where bolts do not have sufficient stud protrusion through the nut to allow hydraulic tensioning. Stud replacement is often not an option, owing to high replacement costs.

The innovative CamNut, used with Technofast’s HydraJac tensioner, is an affordable and efficient solution to this problem. CamNut is a compact device that is simple and safe to use.

Technofast Industries is an acknowledged leader in the provision of innovative solutions for bolt tightening applications worldwide. This Australian company scored a world first with acceptance of its technology by the international nuclear power industry, and has received many awards for its unique products across a broad base of global industries.

Engineered to function in extreme and adverse conditions, CamNut HydraJac has applications in industries that include mining and quarrying, marine, agricultural, chemical, oil and gas, power generation, heavy equipment, materials handling and manufacturing. Typical uses are closures on pressure vessels such as boilers and autoclaves, and half joints on crushing and mining equipment.

Hydraulic bolt tensioning normally applies a stretching load to the bolt threads protruding above a regular hexagonal nut, which is then screwed down to retain the induced load.

Where there is no available thread, the CamNut replaces the existing nut and washer, acting as the connection to the bolt for the tensioning operation.

A HydraJac tensioner is connected to the CamNut, hydraulic force is applied via a hand pump, and a cam washer is rotated to take up the bolt elongation. The cam-locking device retains the load on the bolt when the hydraulic pressure is released and the tensioner removed.

The CamNut remains fixed in place and cannot be released until the bolt is hydraulically re-tensioned.

CamNut, installed using Technofast HydraJac, is fast and user-friendly, requiring little physical effort. CamNut eliminates the need for expensive replacement of studs to provide sufficient grip length.

Technofast Industries supplies a range of A3 CamNut HydraJacs from 1¼ inch to 2½ inch, available for both purchase and hire. Technofast can make the product in other sizes and can also engineer the product specifically for application.

Established in 1988, Technofast is a multi-awarded Australian company that designs and manufactures precision-engineered solutions in response to practical market needs. Technofast also maintains a stock of bolt tensioning equipment for service or rental from bases in Perth and Brisbane.

Technofast provides its products and services to a wide range of industries, including oil and gas processing, mining, steel making and chemical manufacture. Customers include major Australian corporations as well as transnationals such as Westinghouse Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Bechtel.

Technofast’s mechanical jointing solutions are saving customers many thousands of dollars during scheduled and emergency maintenance programs. Critical bolting times can be kept to a minimum; reducing downtime and increasing production, while accurate bolt loading eliminates the need for re-work.

Technofast Industries has ISO 9001 approval, enhanced by additional approvals under the stringent 10CFR requirements of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

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