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Technofast Industries releases Subsea HydraJacs with Tri-Nut

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Technofast Industries Pty Ltd has introduced Subsea HydraJacs with Tri-Nut to speed up bolt tensioning procedures.

The patented Tri-Nut passes over the thread major diameter until seated, it then closes up onto the thread. This obviates the need for time consuming process of screwing a reaction nut down over the full-required thread engagement. Due to the nut being split into three sections, the Tri-Nut is easily locked home by the cam arrangement inside the cap.
This Tri-Nut Technology can reduce downtime and maintenance problems and increase productivity. The new Tri-Nut is user friendly, fast and accurate.

Subsea HydraJacs are designed for working in Subsea conditions and are ideal for applications such as: oil Pipelines – intervention lines in between platforms, injection manifolds, re-injection manifolds and gas Pipelines.

The Subsea HydraJac advantages are: high visibility ‘white’ coating, tri-Nut locks into tool, even when upside down, and quick Connect and cam lock design.

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