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Technofast Industries introduces CamBolt Tensioning system

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For many years Technofast Industries has provided accurate, safe and reliable bolt tensioning equipment to the Australian mining industry.

Technofast Industries has developed a new concept for attaching the exciter mechanism to a variety of vibrating screens used in mineral processing plants.

Based on its highly effective A3 CamNut, Technofast Industries has now introduced Technofast CamBolt.

The CamBolt System is safe to use and removes the possibility of pinch point injuries, which can occur when using torque devices. Operation is fast and simply resulting in cost benefits when compared to other bolt tightening methodologies.

The CamBolt System is readily reusable and can be fitted in both blind hole applications or with a nut. Technofast offers an enclosed nut which prevents ingress of contaminants further increasing the CamBolt systems service life. Applications

The CamBolt is suitable:

  • When accurate and reliable loading is required
  • When confined spaces are an issue, incl. restricted bolt spacing
  • In corrosive environments
  • When other types of hydraulic tensioners may be affected by high temperatures

A few examples of applications are:

  • Attaching exciter mechanisms on mineral processing screens
  • Pressure vessel closure (i.e.: autoclaves, boilers, etc)
  • Crusher liner bolts

How it works

The patented CamBolt Tensioning system works by using a CamBolt to replace the normal nut and washer on an application. To tension the CamBolt a special tool design to fit the majority of vibrating screens used in mineral processing plants.

The multi-start thread on the puller adaptor of the Tensioner latches to the CamBolt Assembly with only one and a half turns, ensuring speedy installation and removal.

The tensioner is pressurised to achieve the required load. The locking device is then activated by rotating the bottom section of the CamBolt, until the load gap is closed.

The Hydraulic pressure is then released and an optional protective cover fitted to reduce environmental impact.

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