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Mantle Change outs made easy by Technofast Industries’ EasyNut

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Technofast Industries  working closely with Terex Jaques have successfully trialled a hydraulic mantle nut on a Terex Jaques G35 gyratory crusher at Karreman Quarries Mt Cotton (Brisbane) operation.

The quarry industry has long sought a solution to the vexing question of how to safely and efficiently load up the mantle shaft sufficiently to retain the mantle and following the swelling of the manganese as a result of work hardening, the easy removal of the nut.

Previously this had been achieved with the use of a Burn Ring, the removal of which was often messy and sometimes hazardous.

The EasyNut is based on the proven reliability of the HydraSure product range used for securing large diameter tooling in steel mills around Australia. The EasyNut is fitted with a fail safe sacrificial load ring to allow a last resort quick and easy load release mechanism.

The EasyNut is totally enclosed in a hardened cover which is designed to last approximately two or three manganese changes before it is either replaced or built up again with a suitable hard facing material.

The sacrificial cover is designed and manufactured in two pieces for ease of fitting and although the prototype EasyNut is not showing any substantial wear it is noted that the product being processed at Mt Cotton is not excessively abrasive.

Technofast Industries is confident that there is available a wide selection of cost effective materials with the degree of complexity in the metallurgical make up to provide us with the desired durability for a cover in any situation.

After three months operation, Quarry Manager, Danny Karreman reports only negligible wear on the cover of the EasyNut and is awaiting the G50 EasyNut which is in manufacture now, as he does not want to do another manganese change without being able to fit the EasyNut.

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