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EziTite head nut from Technofast Industries

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Since the development of the gyratory crusher, the quarrying industry has sought better means for effective and safely tightening mantle head nuts.

Terex Jaques, in association with tensioning specialist, Technofast Industries , has successfully developed the EziTite System.

In additions to technical and performance criteria, major considerations of the design are aimed at protection of operators from strike or shrapnel injuries commonly occurring when hammering tight the standard mantle head nut.


Precise clamping forces are generated by hydraulic pressure acting on a constrained area within the EziTite nut. Head Nuts are fitted with mechanical locking rings to retain these tensile loads.

In the unlikely situation that there is a hydraulic malfunction, a simple patented breaker ring that is positioned between the lock ring and the nut body which can be used to release the load on the shaft.


  • Vastly reduces downtime and maintenance problems
  • Improves productivity
  • Greatly enhances mantle shaft life
  • Repeatable accuracy of the tensioning operation reduces product variation
  • Is user friendly, fast and easy to fit
  • Minimises risk of personal injury and collateral damage to capital equipment during manganese changes
  • Threaded locking collar counteracts loosening forces of impact on rotating shafts
  • Requires low level of skill for operation

The EziTite features a hydraulic clamping nut with an integral sacrificial protective cover which can be varied according to the abrasive nature of the material being crushed. These are currently available for Terex Jaques G35, G50 and J50 with other models coming on line as required.

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