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With algae blooms on the increase and water storages at record lows, it is more important than ever to have effective monitoring of water supplies.

It is possible for algae blooms to occur within hours, which means weekly or even daily testing may not be sufficient to give early warning of any potential algae problems.

The bbe algae online analyser is able to test continuously, with results given in real-time. Like all bbe fluorometers, the AOA is able to measure algae concentrations and differentiate between the various classes up to five classes simultaneously.

Alarm levels can be set for green algae, blue-green algae, diatoms, cryptophyceae, yellow substances, as well as the total chlorophyll a measured. The alarm can be used to switch a relay, or to send a certain value to an analogue output.

The algae online analyser has the option of RS232, LAN, or up to 8 analogue outputs for connection to PC or existing SCADA systems.

The software allows the user to select either cell count, or µg/l, and provides straight forward calibration modes for yellow substances and algae fingerprints. The instrument is low maintenance and proven to be an effective tool for monitoring algae.

Technical & Scientific Equipment  supports the bbe range of algae and toxicity monitoring instruments in Australia.

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