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World's smallest HPLC system

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KNAUER has released the Chance high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) system, which is the smallest available in the world. It consists of a double piston pump, a UV fixed wavelength detector, an injection valve and an analytical column of 120mm x 4mm.

The weight of the complete system is less than 4kg. It is transportable and can be operated on a 24V battery or a 90-240V power supply. Its technical features correspond to conventional regular-sized HPLC instruments.

The pump can operate with two different pump heads, for analytical (0.001-9.999 mL/min) or semi preparative (0.01-49.99mL/min) use. The pressure limit for the analytical pump head is 400bar and for the semi-preparative 150bar.

Flow rate deviations from the pump are less than 0.1 per cent. The UV detector is equipped with a mercury vapour lamp for measurement at 254Nm. The baseline drift is less than 0.15mAU per hour and the noise is in the range of 0.03mAU.

A small time constant can be applied for very fast chromatography. Three sensitivity ranges 1AU, 100mAU and 10mAU are adjustable.

With the addition of a second pump, this system can be upgraded to a high pressure gradient device. Pump and detector have RS232 interfaces for instrument control and data processing with Chance software especially designed for the system. Technical and Scientific Equipment 03 9886 9055.

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