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TSE Introduces Portable Headspace Gas Analysers for Food Packages

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article image HGA-01 Portable Headspace Gas Analysers

HGA-01 headspace gas analysers from Labthink are now available from Technical and Scientific Equipment Co (TSE).

Portable headspace gas analysers are measurement instruments used in the food as well as pharmaceutical industries to measure oxygen, carbon dioxide and gas mixtures in sealed pouches, bottles, cans or other packages.

Oxygen and carbon dioxide gas analysers provide rapid as well as accurate gas content and proportion evaluation in various food products. Their application in production lines, warehouses and laboratories help guide production methods and ensure product shelf life.

Headspace gas analysers are used to test products such as snacks, mild powder packaging, baked products, meats, cheese, coffee, juice and carbonated beverages, medical and pharmaceutical products as well as MAP packages, active packages and corrosion-proof packages.

The oxygen residual analysis is of critical significance to milk powder manufacturers especially, as oxygen speeds up the rate of decomposition and reduces shelf life.

Key features of HGA-01 headspace gas analysers

  • Micro-computer controlled, portable instrument
  • Built-in data storage
  • Can be battery powered if no AC power source is available
  • Functions include data re-analysis, processing and test report output
  • Results can be displayed on the unit’s LCD; an RS232 port is available for communication with a PC and more detailed data analyses
  • Network transmission interface for LAN data management and internet data transmission
  • Mini-printer prints out test reports upon completion

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