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Submersible spectrofluorometer available from Technical & Scientific Equipment

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The recent algae bloom at Lakes Entrance in Gippsland, Victoria is an example of how algae can not only prevent us from enjoying recreational activities on and in the water but it also threatens our drinking water reservoirs, rivers, estuaries and oceans.

The bbe FluoroProbe is a submersible spectrofluorometer which enables lakes, rivers and storage dams to be profiled for algae in real time. The instrument gives the time, depth, temperature and quantity of algae present, with algae class differentiation. This enables the user to profile large areas in a short time with immediate results.

Conditions can change very quickly, and when conditions are right, algae blooms can occur within hours. Weekly or even daily random testing may not be enough to give sufficient warning of an algae bloom, nor can it tell the user exactly where the algae is most concentrated, and at which depths.

The FluoroProbe software is user friendly, and has some good features, such as a large number display, making it easy to read the results in real-time in the field, and the ability to quickly and easily apply new calibrations and data corrections to saved data sets when required.

FluoroProbe is available from Technical & Scientific Equipment.

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