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With lower rainfalls and water storages experiencing record lows, it is important to effectively monitor algae concentrations.

There are a number of approaches to do this, which includes the more traditional method of random sampling using laboratory analysis (counting algae cells) and by using recently developed technology such as the submersible spectrofluorometer.

bbe has developed an instrument called the FluoroProbe. FluoroProbe is used to measure algae concentrations from the surface down to depths of 100 metres.

It differentiates up to five algae groups simultaneously directly in the water, and in real-time. This allows the user to view instant results on a PDA or Laptop, and is a big advantage over waiting 48 hours for laboratory results.

Once algae concentrations reach predetermined levels, the operator can arrange for laboratory testing to confirm results if required. This has the potential to reduce the amount of random testing required, and allows for targeted lab testing, saving time and costs.

bbe has a range of fluorometers to suit most applications, including algae analysers for the laboratory, for online continuous monitoring, in-situ measuring including a portable cuvette device, and the algae toximeter for detecting herbicides in the water.

The bbe range of algae and toxicity monitoring instruments are supported in Australia by Technical & Scientific Equipment.

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