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article image Torque sensors to 20,000Nm.

A NEW range of torque sensors has been launched onto the Australian industrial market by Technical & Scientific Equipment .

The Lorenz range, from Germany, includes miniature rotary sensors, with full range of 0.03Nm, to large units with 20,000Nm range.

All of the new torque transducers utilise conventional strain gauge technology.

The rotating types utilise slip-ring, transformer, or wireless link to provide the excitation voltage for the strain gauge bridge on the rotor, and to transmit the signal from the rotor to the stator.

The torque sensors are available in many mechanical variations to suit the application.

The DR2112 and DR2412 models are transformer coupled, non-contact transmission of the torque signal from the stator to the stator. They are available with 0-±5.0V.analogue signal, or with RS485 output signal.

The DR2412, with the RS485 I/F, features output of the sensor's range, its serial number, and its date of calibration.

The Lorenz range also includes static torque sensors and matching electronics for all units to complete an installation.

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