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Sensitive toxic substance detection in water with the new bbe DaphTox II biometer from Technical and Scientific Equipment

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article image The DaphTox II biometer allows for sensitive toxic substance detection in water

Now available from Technical and Scientific Equipment (TSE), the new DaphTox II biomonitor, from German company bbe, allows for sensitive toxic substance detection in water.
The DaphTox II biomonitor observes daphnids, commonly known as “water fleas”, under the influence of constantly running sample water. Daphnia are established test organisms to indicate water quality. Based on the extended Dynamic Daphnia Test, bbe developed the new DaphTox II biomonitor as a sensitive method of toxicity monitoring in water from rivers, plants, distribution systems and production drains, to preserve human health and to monitor water. The continuous measurement allows for early toxic substance detection.
Sample water continuously runs through the DaphTox II biometer's measuring chamber containing the daphnia. The live images obtained using a CCD camera are evaluated online with an integrated PC to analyse changes in the behaviour of the daphnia. If the change is statistically significant, an alarm is triggered. The method of image analysis enables a series of measurement methods and plausibility tests to assess the daphnia’s behaviour using different criteria.

Measurement using digital image analysis observes:

  • average distance
  • average swim speed
  • distribution in chamber
  • fractal dimension of paths: curviness, turns
  • number of daphnia
  • size of daphnia
  • speed distribution; and 
  • swim height.
The relative magnitude and duration of the presences of toxic substances is also recorded by the DaphTox II biometer to enable further analysis.

The DaphTox II biomonitoring system features a 1 chamber system with up to 10 daphnids, or other organisms, with the option for a 2 chamber system with enhanced reliability. There is an easily removable daphnia chamber which prevents air bubbles and increases the rate of toxic substance detection.
The low maintenance system features an integrated sample treatment, which includes microfiltration, ultrasonic cleaning and pre-heating.

Data transfer options include LAN, modem, relays, 4-20mA, USB and ModBus. The sophisticated software is simple to use and also enables easy recording and analysis.
The DaphTox II biometer is idea for toxic substance detection in surface water applications such as:

  • dam monitoring
  • drinking water applications like intake assessment
  • general environmental monitoring
  • research applications like risk analysis, limnological work and research and education; and
  • waterway analysis and assessment.

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