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PETPlus from TSE Facilitates Safer, Low Cost Intrinsic Viscosity Measurement in Plastics

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Technical and Scientific Equipment Co  introduces the PETPlus instrument designed to measure intrinsic viscosity in plastics using a solvent-free, safer and low cost method.

Manufactured by Lloyd Instruments, the new PETPlus viscosity measurement instruments are superior alternatives to the costly and hazardous solvent method used conventionally for PET testing applications.

PETPlus viscosity measurement instruments are designed to determine the intrinsic viscosity (IV) of PET using safe testing methods at virtually all stages of the production process.

PETPlus can be operated in standalone mode or used with their powerful data analysis software package, NEXYGENPlus PET.

The microprocessor-controlled viscosity measurement system provides up to 600 test results with functions such as: 

  • Optimum flow rate measurement
  • Intrinsic viscosity calculation
  • Degradation factor measurement
  • Mean and standard deviation for each batch

PETPlus viscosity measurement instruments enable solvent-free IV testing of PET using safe, environment-friendly testing processes.

PETPlus has low ongoing running costs compared to the high cost of solvent purchase for conventional testing methods.

The PET viscosity measurement instruments provide fast and full analysis of results and statistics. The instrument can monitor intrinsic viscosity throughout the process from incoming resin to finished product.

PETPlus for intrinsic viscosity measurement is available in Australia and New Zealand from Technical and Scientific Equipment.

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