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Oxygen transmission rate test system from TSE

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The PERME OX2/230 oxygen transmission rate test system, available from Technical and Scientific Equipment Co , is applicable in oxygen transmission rate tests for plastic film, laminated film, and flat sheet materials, as well as the finished package made from plastic, rubber, paper, glass, metal (such as bottles, cans and boxes) and other materials in pure oxygen or air. 

The oxygen transmission rate test is of coulometric principle, and equal pressure method.  High precision oxygen sensors ensure fast and accurate test results. There are two test modes for finished packages and films and it is easy to change between methods. This oxygen transmission rate test system uses an innovative testing chamber, which is compact and exquisite with more accurate and stable testing results. The system has 3 independent testing chambers, which can test 3 different samples simultaneously, or the chambers can be connected together to enlarge the testing area for higher barrier materials. 

The system contains built-in temperature and humidity controllers, and the humidity of two sides of a specimen can be modified. The system is also equipped with barometric pressure compensation.

A distinguishing feature of this oxygen transmission rate tester is its master satellite module design -  nine satellite modules can be supported by one master base. This means that with a single air source, a single carrier source and a computer, the operator can control 30 specimens simultaneously with high accuracy and efficiency. The master base and satellite modules have the same testing functions.

The system uses sophisticated, powerful software, which is highly integrated and highly intellectual. It can facilitate multiple testing modes with flexible individual testing chamber parameter setting, one-button operation, and high automation is possible. This means the monitoring, tracing and analysis of several types of oxygen transmission testers and water vapour transmission testers are achieved. The test system can store data in document, database and excel format, for easy retrieval and processing.

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