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New hydrogen leak test method

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TECHNICAL & Scientific Equipment (TSE) is offering a range of hydrogen leak test products produced by Sensistor.

Leak testing is traditionally performed by measuring the pressure decay in a sealed part, or filling the part with helium and looking for leaks with a mass spectrometer.

The first method is effective for medium to high leak rates, whereas helium leak testing is very sensitive but very expensive.

A new technique gaining wide acceptance in Europe and the US is hydrogen leak testing. It uses a non-flammable mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen as a tracer gas, and a relatively inexpensive sensor to detect the hydrogen component.

Hydrogen is not present in air, and can be detected at very low levels, while its small molecule allows it to pass rapidly through even the smallest leaks.

A compact detector head makes it easy to scan around the part and locate leaks. Alternatively the part can be enclosed in a container and the escaping gas detected.

As with all leak testing, the speed and sensitivity are very dependent on the specifics of the part size and shape. TSE is happy to advise on the suitability of the hydrogen technique for any particular application.

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