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Leak detection of medical devices

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The use of Furness Controls’ leak detection and flow measurement instrumentation, which are available from Bestech Australia , ensure product performance, carrying out the vital tests on production lines.

For example the testing of epidural sets, where typically 1mm diameter tubes must be tested to ensure that 3 drug-dispensing holes at the end of the tube are open and will lead to the expected delivery of the anaesthetic drug to the patient. Another test is the detection of passageways in the tracheotomy tubes and leak detection in intravenous drip bags.

Other testing subjects include drainage bottles/bags, needles, catheters, filters, inhalers, valves and artificial kidneys. These leak detectors are used to ensure that leakage and blockages are eliminated and that flows are within tolerance for the medical devices. Pressures used for testing of the medical devices are often around 7 PSI and flows can vary from 50 cc/min up to several litres/min in some cases. Cycle times are often less than one second. Using modern non-destructive test methods ensures a high quality medical product is sent into the marketplace.

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