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Leak Detector for Metal Cans from Technical and Scientific Equipment

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Technical and Scientific Equipment (TSE) has developed a new leak detection system for metal cans in addition to its testing system for flexible packages and underwater leak testing system.

The Sealtick TSE 6084 leak detector uses a vacuum method to measure gas leaking from a metal can. Items are placed manually and the lid is closed to initiate a fully automatic test sequence.

Results are displayed as a Pass or Fail, along with a quantitative measure of the leakage rate.

The TSE 6084 is fast, objective, easy to use and reliable delivering leak test results in three seconds.

The metal can leak detector does not stress the cans and is dry as well as non-destructive allowing the product to be put back onto the line.

This leak detector performs leak tests on metal cans by placing them in a closely fitting cavity and applying a vacuum to the cavity. Any leak will result in air or gas being drawn from the can, leading to a fall in the vacuum level over time.

Because of the wide range of cans to be tested, a set of inserts is provided to ensure that all cans are able to be tested in a dedicated cavity. Failure to use the correct cavity combination can lead to can damage or inaccurate results.

Testing methods can be modified and stored. Results are logged into a spreadsheet importable format for trend analysis.

A USB interface is provided for log retrieval and an optional Web/Ethernet interface for both remote monitoring and log retrieval.

For ease of operation and traceability, there are menu-prompted diagnostic functions and calibration routines.

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