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Keller DCX16 datalogger available from Technical & Scientific Equipment

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Keller, Swiss pressure sensor manufacturers, have extended their groundwater/sewage level datalogging range of products to include the new cost-saving 16mm diameter DCX-16. This DCX-16 datalogger is available from Technical & Scientific Equipment .

A major share of the cost of a measuring point is the drilling operation and pipe cost. Until now, 25.4mm diameter pipe has been used, as required by 22mm diameter sensors. The small diameter DCX-16 datalogger allows a much lower per-point installation cost.

The DCX-16 datalogger is a totally sealed battery powered instrument designed to record water depth (up to 100m) and temperature, without intervention, over a number of years if necessary. For shallow depths, an optional barometric transmitter will compensate the level readings for atmospheric pressure changes.

The latest micro-processor technology allows all linearity and temperature errors of the pressure sensor to be mathematically compensated. Non-volatile memory ensures high data security with storage for up to 57,000 measured values.

In order to upload the logged data to a PC, the DCX-16 datalogger is recovered from the bore and its end cap is removed to gain access to the data port. Other variations include a cable type sensor, which uploads the data live to a PC, and a GSM-1 option which transmits the data by SMS. The Keller Logger 4 software makes an interpretation of the measured data and the data transferred.

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