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Intrinsically safe leak detector from Technical & Scientific Equipment

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Technical & Scientific Equipment’s pre-release announcement of intrinsically safe leak detector and leak locator using hydrogen trace gas.  

Sensistor Technologies of Sweden has announced the upcoming release of the world’s first intrinsically safe leak detector and locator using hydrogen as a trace gas, that has been approved for ATEX Zone 0.

The new portable EXTRIMA leak Detector makes the revolutionary Hydrogen Method available for leak testing in the toughest of environments, including explosion hazardous areas. Finding leaks down to bacteria size, EXTRIMA is the ultimate tool for a wide range of demanding applications.  

Comfortable solutions for demanding applications For the first time ever, the aviation industry has a safe, sensitive and accurate solution for leak testing of complete fuel systems as well as oxygen and fire extinguishing systems, both in production and maintenance.  

For the process industry, the petrochemical area, hydrogen production plants and on oilrigs, EXTRIMA is the perfect tool for locating leaks on all types of valves, joints and other components. Leak testing of hydrogen cooled generators and fuel cells are typical production and maintenance applications.  

Versatile and easy to operate The highly portable EXTRIMA is housed in a durable aluminium casing with rubber protection to withstand rough handling in the field and is equipped with a chargeable battery providing up to eight hours of operation.

The new ergonomically designed hand probe with a built-in leak/no leak LED indicator, together with the auto-range function and short recovery time, allows for fast homing in on suspected leak areas and exact leak localisation and quantification.

The recommended trace gas is a low cost standard mixture of 5% hydrogen  and 95 % Nitrogen available from major gas suppliers.

This mixture is non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.

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