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Highly precise digital manometer

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article image Available in ranges from -1 to 2Bar to a maximum of 1000Bar.

THE new Keller LEX 1 is a microprocessor controlled, precise and versatile digital pressure measuring instrument, available from Technical & Scientific Equipment .

It has an integrated max/min function for calibration and test purposes. The pressure is measured twice per second and displayed. The upper display indicates the actual or 'live' pressure, and the lower display shows the maximum or minimum pressure since the LEO 1 was last RESET.

LEX 1 has two operating buttons. The left button turns the instrument on, and it also enables the selection of the various functions and pressure units. The right button enters the desired unit and enables the maximum or minimum value to be displayed.

Available in ranges from -1 to 2Bar to a maximum of 1000Bar, the five digit instrument has a precision of better than 0.05%FS as standard. Improved precisions of 0.025% FS and 0.01%FS are available. These options are available for instruments with ranges of 20Bar and greater.

The instrument's internal battery provides 2000 hours of continuous operation and output data is available via its RS485 interface.

Dedicated logging software, a carry bag and a protective rubber jacket are available as options.

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