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Real-time ultra-sensitive measurement of algae is possible with FluoroProbe, available from Technical & Scientific Equipment.

The new version of the FluoroProbe from bbe moldaenke has enhanced sensitivity of 15 ppt (0.015 µg chlorophyll a/L) and improved algae class differentiation. The FluoroProbe is designed for the measurement of marine micro algae, freshwater micro algae, nanoplankton, Pico plankton and CDOM/yellow substances.

The new FluoroProbe has an improved signal/noise ratio, improved energy-saving features giving the ability to take measurements over long periods, can be used as a portable cuvette device and with add-on kit it is prepared for benthic micro algae measurement.

The standard FluoroProbe can be used for measuring algae from the surface down to 100 metres, giving date, time, temperature, depth, quantity of algae in µg/L and it differentiates between up to five algal groups. All this is done in real time with the information displayed on a palm-top, laptop or stored in the probe for later retrieval.

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