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article image The Sealtick TSE 6085-2 - fast, non-destructive testing.

TECHNICAL & Scientific Equipment has announced the release of a new leak tester for flexible packaging. The Sealtick TSE 6085-2 permits fast, non-destructive and quantitative testing for leaks from poor heat seals.

By simply placing the pack in an enclosure and closing the handle, the TSE 6085-2 is able to measure the gas leaking from the pack and identify poor seals.

It is no longer necessary to perform messy underwater or destructive tests, or rely on the judgement of an operator to assess seal quality.

Corrective action can be taken immediately to adjust the sealing process, reducing the massive cost of product which reaches the distributor, retail outlet or even the customer, only to be found to be no longer fresh.

This is particularly critical for modified atmosphere MAP packages where the shelf life improvement is a critical part of the package performance.

Typical packaging operations show leakage rates of up to three per cent, and the cost of wasted product, customer and retailer dissatisfaction can be enormous.

Not to mention the extra inventory to cope with the unexpected failures.

Designed and manufactured in Melbourne, the Sealtick range of products is receiving acceptance and saving costs around the world as a groundbreaking development in seal integrity testing.

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