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Digital torque tester for bottle caps from Technical and Scientific Equipment

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Technical and Scientific Equipment (TSE) presents the NJY-20 digital torque tester, from Labthink. This digital torque tester is applicable in the testing of open and lock forces for bottle caps. The opening and locking forces of bottle caps are important online or offline technical parameters of production, and they will influence the transportation and quality of the product.

Features and benefits of the digital torques tester include:

  • The digital torque tester includes a micro-computer controller with LCD display, which shows continuous data measurements and other data like peak value measurements
  • There are separate modes for the testing of lock and open forces on the digital torque tester, and data is kept in the system when the unit is turned off
  • The bottle cap is clamped with a clamp that is connected to the digital torque tester. The user wrings the bottle cap, which the sensor transmits into an electrical signal, and the chip gathers the signal and processes the data
  •  The peak value of the test is displayed during the test, and the average value of a batch of tests can also be displayed. Reports can then be printed out if necessary
  • Standard RS232 output and software are available on the digital torque tester, making the system easy to operate, and also reliable in performance
Specifications of the digital torque tester:
  • The digital torque tester is available in a standard 20Nm measuring range
  • additional 40Nm version
  • The accuracy of the digital torque tester is ±1% of the output, and system’s resolution is 0.001Nm. Clamps are available for diameters of 5 to 170 mm

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