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Data logger with graphical display

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article image Almemo 2590-9 -- large display.

A NEW concept in data logging has been introduced by Technical & Scientific Equipment (TSE).

The Almemo 2590-9 has a large LCD display so that graphical line or bar chart presentations can be viewed, allowing the user to monitor a process and observe trends without needing a PC, while collecting the data for later analysis.

Often this allows operating parameters, or data collection sequences, to be modified to ensure the best outcome from every trial or experiment.

Alternatively, the extra display space allows a number of channels to be displayed on screen simultaneously, or combined with functions such as maximum and minimum values, calculated functions, available memory status and timers.

The multi-line display also makes local programming of the logging setup much easier, without needing to connect up to a computer.

Coupled with the Almemo "Smart Plug" system which instantly recognises the sensor type, calibration data and units as soon as a sensor is connected, the 2590-9 makes it much easier to setup and log data on site, with the ability to respond flexibly once initial readings and trends are identified.

With nine input sockets and two outputs, input and output triggers, and the ability to hibernate between measurements, the Almemo 2590-9 offers considerably more capability than has previously been available, all in a handheld size.

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