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Charpy impact testing from Technical and Scientific Equipment Co

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Technical and Scientific Equipment (TSE) presents the TE range of Charpy impact testers. There are models available for metals and non-metals, with various accessories for specific test parameters. The JB series of semi-automatic pendulum impact testing machines are used to determine the impact toughness of metal materials under dynamic loads. The pendulum can be raised or released automatically.

Features of the semi-automatic pendulum impact testing machines include:

  • The semi-automatic pendulum impact testing machines are designed according to international standards ISO148-1983 and ASTM E23 and it features easy operation, high efficiency, safety and reliability
  • These impact testing machines are especially suitable for use in the laboratory, the metallurgy industry, machinery production, steel plants and many other areas
  • The JBS series of impact testing machines has a digital display, and it is used to determine the anti-impact capability under dynamic loads
  • A model with computer monitor is also available, and it carries out the functions of zero clearing and automatic return, capturing the value of lost impact energy and pendulum cycle by means of a computer program
  • The data acquisition computer on the pendulum impact testing machine uses a 12 bit fast acquisition board, encoder board, encoder hardware, and strain gage amplifier
  • The amplifier provides autobalance, amplifier range selection, and shunt calibration for periodic calibration checking. The amplifier is capable of a wide range of amplification settings for the research environment needs
There are also Charpy impact tester for plastics, glass steel, plastic pipes, strong nylon, china, clay rock and anti-electric materials. They can also come in analog, digital and computer display models. A complete range of fully interchangeable hammers and vises allows the operator to perform Charpy, Izod and Tensile impact tests at different impact velocities and energies.

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