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BenthoFluor monitoring system from Technical & Scientific Equipment

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It is now possible to analyse benthic algae in-situ by utilising the fluorometric characteristics of the different algal pigments.

Using time-consuming methods such as microscopy for monitoring algal groups is no longer necessary.

The BenthoFluor attachment available from Technical & Scientific Equipment fits to a standard bbe FluoroProbe and uses a submersible adaptor connected by a 1.5m length of fibre-optic cable.

The adaptor ensures a constant distance between the sediment and the fibre-optic excludes ambient light and prevents disturbance of the sediment layers.

The ability to analyse benthic algae widens the possible applications of the submersible probe, making the instrument a must-have tool for the effective monitoring of water quality. Algal blooms pose a significant threat to the precious water resources and efficient, accurate and real-time analysis of algae has never been more critical.

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