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Technical and Scientific Equipment (TSE) present the Algae Online Analyser, from bbe.  This system offers chlorophyll concentration and activity measurement for online measuring stations, complementing the other bbe products for portable  and laboratory use. It continuously measures the chlorophyll fluorescence of micro algae in real time, and determines the concentration by class.  The measurement corresponds to wet-chemical chlorophyll analysis (DIN/ISO).

Instead of time-consuming sample preparations and counting, the Algae Online Analyser provides rapid determination of the chlorophyll content in its natural environment. The sample is allowed to flow through the instrument at the testing area, and it has an automatic cleaning device for ease of use. The system is calibrated by HPLC-pigment analysis.

The concentration and activity of the algae, as well as the spectral algae class distribution, are determined by the controlled fluorescence excitation. The bbe software indentifies the distribution of algae classes relating to the total chlorophyll-a content of green, blue-green or brown algae (diatoms and dinoflagellates) and cryptophyceae. To compensate for the influence of turbidity on the fluorescence, transmission measurement is used as a tool for correction.

The algae online analyser can be used in all types of environments, from lakes and rivers and oceans to reservoirs and wetlands. Applications include environmental monitoring, regulatory control, limnological work, research and supervision of aquaculture.

Specifications of the algae online analyser:

  • Measuring range:             0-200 µg chl-a/L
  • Resolution:                  0.1 µg chl-a/L
  • Weight of complete equipment:     19kg
  • Size (H x W x D):             420 x 600 x 200 mm
  • Sample temperature:             0-30°C

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