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Algae measurement including algae class differentiation

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Technical and Scientific Equipment present bbe moldaenke’s FluoroProbe, a highly sensitive measuring instrument for algae class determination and total chlorophyll analysis.

The algae measuring device quickly and reliably determines chlorophyll concentrations down to depths of 100m. The measuring data from the probe can be displayed online via a serial interface/USB connection or stored in the probe for subsequent analysis. This enables the measurement instrument to analyse the occurrence and distribution of algae on site without the necessity of the laboratory. 

The FluoroProbe ascertains the algae and divides them into various spectral algae classes (blue algae/cyanobacteria, green algae, diatoms/dinoflagellates/chrysophycia, cryptophycia). PC software for data analysis is included, which allows numerical and graphical interpretations to be displayed,. Data can also be exported to a spreadsheet program (eg. Excel). All settings and calibrations are performed by the software.

This means depth profiles can be created. A 20m profile can be evaluated within 1 minute. Also available are a BenthoFluor Kit (benthic algae measurements), a Flow-Through Unit (continuous operation in e.g. pipes) and a Cage for protection against damage in rough weather or from the quayside. 

The Fluoroprobe can also be operated on moored platforms, submersed from buoys or fixed measuring stations using the Hydro-Wiper. The wiper brushes can be set to periodically clean the lenses of the measuring chamber to remove biofilms and dirt which builds up over long periods of operation.The Fluoroprobe can be ready to measure with minimum set-up, but measures to maximum precision. No sample preparation is needed and the Fluoroprobe can be used directly at the testing site.


  • Drinking water monitoring for blue green algae
  • Supervision of aqua culture systems
  • Control of bathing water for toxic algae blooms
  • Early warning system
  • Oceanic research
  • Limnological research
  • Dye tracing (Rhodamin)  

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