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Techni Waterjet releases NXT generation electric servo pumps

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article image Quantum NXT electric servo pump
Leading waterjet technology manufacturer, Techni Waterjet introduces its NXT generation of electric servo pumps (ESPs).

Designed to address the requirements of today’s competitive manufacturing industry, the Quantum NXT electric servo pumps raise the bar for high cutting speeds, reliability and technical superiority, producing 20% more power than previous models.

Quantum ESPs combine the advantages of two of the most prevalent ultra-high pressure pump (UHP) types (direct drive and intensifier) while avoiding their drawbacks. The Quantum NXT is available in a range of pressures and flow rate capacities to suit any waterjet cutting application.

According to Company Director Darren Reukers, the NXT generation ESP addresses the challenges of increasing demands for cutting speeds and compatibility by waterjet technology users worldwide. By increasing the pump’s power output, Techni enables customers to cut any suitable material at faster speeds, while the improved lubrication and cooling system guarantee durability and low maintenance costs.

Waterjet pumps are traditionally available in direct drive and intensifier models. Intensifier pumps and ESPs typically require less maintenance than direct drive models, primarily because of the speed at which the plunger reciprocates. At the same pressure setting, a direct-drive pump will stroke more times each minute than either an intensifier pump or an ESP, placing additional strain on seals, tubing and other critical components.

Key benefits of Quantum NXT electric servo pumps:

  • Upgrading to an ESP reduces costs and resources
  • 20% quieter than previous ESP models and more than 800% quieter than other intensifier pumps on the market
  • Offers multiple head capability for easy connectivity to any waterjet machine
  • On-board diagnostics via the full colour touch screen HMI and optional remote control
  • Compact footprint

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