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TR  has introduced the FW Bell 4190 Gauss/Telsa Meter into their extensive test and measurement rental fleet.  

The 4190 Gauss/Telsa Meter accurately measures extremely low frequency magnetic fields generated by electrical equipment.  It is the ideal instrument for detecting magnetic field emissions from a wide variety of sources, including video display terminals, AC power lines, office equipment, household appliances and all types of electronic equipment.  

It has an analog output, which is a buffered output for viewing an analog waveform on an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer or similar test equipment.  This is useful for determining harmonic content and other waveform properties.  

The easy to use 4190 Gauss/ Tesla meter is also equipped with a DC output that provides a voltage level proportional to the displayed level of the magnetic field.  It is useful for driving chart recorders, data loggers and other data acquisition equipment.  

Features of the 4190 Gauss/ Tesla meter:  

  • Analog Output is 1V FS (200 mG or 2000 mG)
  • DC Output – 10 mV/mG; 2V FS (200 mG or 2000 mG)
  • Switchable single axis mode
  • Extended bandwidth
  • Waveform and RMS analog outputUniversal serial bus interface

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