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Remote concrete pour temperature sensing and sample control solution by TechRentals

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TechRentals  introduces a simple solution for the remote monitoring of the concrete curing process that also provides ‘matched temperature’ control of the concrete pour samples.

The remote concrete pour temperature sensing and sample control solution offers benefits such as a more accurate estimation of concrete strength and potential shortening of the period before the commencement of additional construction.

TechRentals has employed the Modbus protocol for the efficient implementation of concrete pour temperature remote monitoring as well as control of the storage environment of the concrete test.

TechRentals’ solution consists of the dataTaker DT80M data logger, which is used to gather 30 channels of thermocouple data at the concrete pour with the data linked to a second DT80M at a remote office location.

The site data is monitored for obvious errors and faulty thermocouple data is automatically rejected. The office logger controls a thermal bath and maintains this as an accurate analogue of the site concrete pour temperature. Site samples are placed in the bath and maintained in closely matched conditions to those at the construction site. The samples can therefore be subjected to mechanical testing with a high degree of confidence.

This together with the precise monitoring of the site curing process considerably increases the confidence in the state of the concrete, allowing for earlier formwork striking times with an earlier start to pre-stressing that result in significant savings.

The solution was first implemented at a remote location in Queensland.

The dataTaker data loggers and associated hardware are available from TechRentals.

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