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Omicron relay test system available from TechRentals

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An advanced three phase dynamic automatic protection relay test system, the Omicron CMC range available from TechRentals is a universal solution for testing old and new generation relays, energy meters and transducers.

Why would you use an advanced protection relay test system?

Routine testing is required on protective relays used in the operation of electric utilities, power plants and heavy industrial organisations.

The process is simplified when using an advanced test system which calibrates and tests simple over-current relays, voltage relays and other protective devices.

Omicron CMC256-6 EP:

An advanced test system, the Omicron CMC256-EP produces reliable and accurate results, in a robust but truly portable design.

The relay test unit uses digitally generated test signals (known as DSP technology), resulting in highly accurate testing signals even at small amplitudes.

Due to high accuracy of the EP option it is possible to test energy meters of up to class 0.2S according to IEC without an additional reference meter.

In addition to the normal industrial or utility application, the high precision also makes the CMC 256 ideal for:

  • Relay manufacturers for their development process
  • Type testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Device calibration
  • Product demonstrations


  • 4 x 300v outputs
  • 6 x 12.5A / 3 x 25A outputs
  • 6 x low level outputs (rear side)
  • 2 x counter inputs (rear side)
  • Dc supply (0-264v)
  • 4 x binary outputs
  • Dc measuring inputs
  • 10 x binary inputs
  • Analogue measurement inputs (with EnerLyzer option)

Suitable for:

  • Electric utilities
  • Power plants
  • Heavy industrials
  • Relay designers and manufacturers

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