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New series high voltage test system available from TechRentals

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article image HVA60 4 in 1 universal high voltage test system
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HVA60 4 in 1 available from TechRentals is a light, compact and advanced universal high voltage test system; it finds weak cables without making them or surrounding cables weaker.

Why would you use a high voltage test system?

Maintenance of electrical plants requires specialised equipment suitable for a high voltage environment. A primary concern is the detection of faults in capacitors, switchgear, transformers, rotating machines, insulators and bushings.

High voltage dielectric test sets are designed for such an environment, simplifying detection along with any subsequent fault diagnosis and repair.

Why use A HV A60?

A specific issue revolves around DC testing of aged extruding cable such as XLPE (cross linked polyethylene) and EPR (Ethylene- Propylene Resin).

The testing is potentially damaging to the cable insulation, often leading to premature failure of the cable under service conditions.

In addition, DC proof or hipot testing has been shown to be ineffective in detecting some serious faults in cables.

The HVA 60 addresses this critical issue, with its acceptance and maintenance hipot/proof testing using VLF high voltage sinusoidal.

This allows the operator to efficiently detect serious cable insulation faults before they result in an in-service failure, without affecting those healthy sections of the cable that still have remaining service life.

Providing a much more productive and cost effective solution to cable testing.


  • Capable of testing 1µF (approximately 10,000ft/ 3000m of cable) at 0.1Hz and 60kV peak
  • True symmetrical sinusoidal, load independent output waveform across the full load range
  • Real-time display of actual output waveform
  • Easy to use, ergonomic, menu guided, large backlit user interface
  • Rugged, one piece portability
  • Large output load capability
  • Automatic and integrated load capacitance measurement with optimum frequency selection
  • No oil or arcing contacts that require routine maintenance
  • Safe, easy to use operation with emergency off and key switch lock-out

Suitable for:

  • Electric utilities
  • Power plants
  • Oil refineries
  • Heavy industrial, maintenance and service companies

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