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New series Wohler visual inspection system available from TechRentals

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With a battery driven compact case, the VIS 250 is an essential tool in rapid diagnosis of pipeline damage.

Usage purpose of visual inspection systems:

Pipes become blocked through both general use and damage. Identifying and repairing these can become a costly and time consuming issue which affects a company’s productivity, with the potential to also impact on safety.

A reliable electronic visual inspection system provides quick and accurate identification of the blockages, pinpointing the exact location and cause of the damage.

Wohler VIS 2501 usage:

The Wohler VIS 250 available from TechRentals has two key features such as compactness and accuracy.

Wohler VIS 250’s rugged waterproof colour camera head measure only 1” in diameter allowing it to be easily pushed through bends of 90 degrees, even in small pipes of only 1.5” diameter.

The push rod with metric marks makes it simple to measure the exact position of the damage and the TFT (thin-film transistor) monitor provides state of the art pictures for analysis.

In addition, the compact and battery driven case is essential for finding fast solutions and the 2m cable provides out of case operation.


  • 20m waterproof
  • Flexible rod with small 1” diameter camera head
  • Super bright TFT colour monitor for brilliant pictures
  • Monitor comes with 2m cable for out of case operation
  • Integrated RCA video output for documentation purposes
  • Push rod with distance marks for easy measurement

Suitable for:

  • Water and utility companies
  • Installation
  • Inspection
  • Manufacturers
  • Construction industry
  • Maintenance and service companies

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