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New RF Systems articulating video borescope for inspection of tight spaces

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TechRentals  presents a new articulating video borescope that allows for the inspection of tight spaces.

Made by RF Systems, the VJ-ADV articulating video borescope features a scope diameter of 3.9mm and length of 1.5m, and finds application in the inspection of turbines, heat exchangers or gearboxes in automotive or electrical power generation as well as chemical, oil and gas vessel inspection.

The flexible stainless steel braided insertion tube provides added flexibility and durability with adjustable brightness and 90-degree, 4-way articulation.

The all-in-one system combines the articulating video borescope with a standalone imaging unit, which allows the capture of images and video that can be saved to a micro SD card for later examination and analysis.

Feature highlights of RF Systems’ articulating video borescopes include a micro SD card provided for capture of images and videos, built-in 3.5” colour LCD monitor, adjustable high-intensity LED brightness, and user-friendly joystick controlled articulation.

TechRentals offers a comprehensive range of test and measurement equipment on rental terms for periods ranging from a day or month to a year or more.


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