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Dranetz-BMI Power Xplorer PX5 available from TechRentals

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Dranetz-BMI Power Xplorer PX5 is an advanced feature set available, in an easy-to-navigate power monitoring instrument with colour graphical user interface.

Power quality analysers:

Current and voltage distortion can have a significant impact on de-rating equipment. De-rating induces overheating in the equipment, which in turn shortens the life, ending in expensive repairs or replacement.

The costly impact of distortion damage can be avoided if detected promptly with the use of an accurate power analyser to measure power quality.

Any distortions noted can be evaluated, with power loads balanced before any damage occurs.

Dranetz-BMI Power Xplorer:

The Xplorer PX5 has an advanced feature set and degree of accuracy. The Power Xplorer features standard on many similar tools, a unique aspect of the Xplorer PX5 is its inclusion of the customised software Drain-View 6 providing exceptional power quality survey and diagnostics.

The survey is key to pinpointing and diagnosing problems or negative trends, and also in effectively implementing an equipment maintenance program.

The Power Xplorer available from TechRentals has a built-in event characteriser that directly supports troubleshooting and the gathering of survey data for improving power quality and equipment reliability and longevity.

The Xplorer PX5 has a high level of accuracy, ensuring that no flickers, transience, harmonics, imbalances or distortions are left undiagnosed. This capability will help to extend the life period of your equipment as well as avoid unexpected equipment failure.

Ideal solution:

TechRentals has the ideal solution to monitor and track power quality problems which cause:

  • Light and compact
  • Load distortion and imbalance
  • Voltage variations and harmonics
  • Interruptions
  • Flickers


  • 400Hz measurement version
  • 8 channels, 4 voltage and 4 current
  • Colour touch screen
  • AC/DC applications
  • High-speed sampling and data capture (1 microsecond/channel)
  • High speed transient detection
  • RMS variations and transients
  • THD/TID harmonic and interharmonic spectrum to the 63rd

Suitable for:

  • Manufacturing
  • Water utilities
  • Power utilities
  • Petrochemicals
  • Construction
  • Engineering

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